Security Features in Office 365 That Protect Your Organization

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Information Technology‎

Many organizations use Microsoft Office in Lancaster to help employees and other associates to collaborate around the globe. As a cloud service, it reduces the need for local computer resources since the application is housed on cloud servers. Cloud software also offers a layer of security that monitors for intrusions and applies governance policies. However, background security isn’t enough to protect your organization from data intrusions. Following are some ways businesses can strengthen security while using Office 365 in Lancaster, PA.

Use of Dedicated Admin Accounts

Hackers and other cyber criminals use administrator accounts to gain control of applications, networks, and more. Your on-site Office 365 admin should have a separate account for non-administrative activities. Although it’s easier for an admin to conduct all business from one account, it increases security risks.  

User Training

Strong governance policies and security tools aren’t enough to protect an organization from Office 365 security attacks. All users must know how to prevent malware and other attacks targeted at them. Strong passwords, enabling account protections, device security and more provide a defense against attacks.

Apply Office Encryption

Office 365 includes Office Message Encryption that provides security to incoming and outgoing messages. Users should have training to apply this feature. 

Phishing Protection

Phishing is a classic, yet common way hackers break into networks through email. Office 365’s anti-phishing protection (ATP) reduces the risk of this occurring. ATP Safe Attachments defends against malicious attachments that inject executable code into your system once opened. 

There are many other ways to effectively protect your organization with Office 365 in Lancaster, PA. Hire an Office 365 consulting firm to get you started today.

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