Traffic Counters: Types And Technology

Retailers are slowly becoming aware of the benefits of something called traffic counters. Those who have installed the systems have found them to be a positive factor in helping run their business effectively. Yet, some still hesitate. They fail to realize the importance of utilizing this particular piece of technology in running their retail store.

What Are Traffic Counters?

Traffic counters are devices used to count the amount of people who enter into a retail outlet or head in one specific direction. They are called people counters except when used in retail. Then, they are often called traffic counters.

Types of Retail Traffic Counters

When viewed in terms of technology, some people say that, basically, there are only two types of traffic counters. These are:

1. Manual counters
2. Automatic counters

Other consider the issue to be more complicated. They describe them as being:

* Manual
* Automatic
* Battery operated
* Power driven

However, traffic counters can also be defined or described in other ways. This is generally their purpose. Among the most common or popular types are the following:

* People Counters: This is, as the name suggests, the counting of people. They are recorded as they enter or leave a particular place. It could be a retail outlet, a movie theater, an airport or shopping mall

* Road Traffic Counters: This type of counter is attached to record the number of vehicles that arrive in and leave a parking lot. It may also be employed to study the patterns of vehicles that are on certain roadways or pass through tolls booths.

* Pedestrian Traffic Counters: This is more technically advanced form of people counter. It is highly sensitive and records numbers of individuals by counting not heads but by their footfalls and footsteps.

These various types are all intended to help record traffic, its actual impact and potential benefits. Such systems are particularly beneficial when it comes to retail. They come in different types or employ diverse types of technology to do the job required by them.

Retail Traffic Counters: Types of Technology

If you choose to install retail traffic counters in your store or other business, you currently have wide access to many different types of technology. These can be very simplistic or extremely high tech. Among the types from which you may get to choose are:

* Manual tally clicks – the lest sophisticated and most labor intensive type of traffic count systems
* Infrared beam technology
* Synthetic intelligence
* Computer vision (CCTV cameras)
* Thermal imaging

As technological advances are made, the means and modes of employment of traffic counters and their systems will become more sophisticated.

Traffic Counters in Retail

In modern retail, it is important to keep accurate track of all aspects of your business. Keeping track of traffic and conversion are not optional. If you want to know exactly what your people to conversion rate is, and, therefore, keep abreast of the game, it is essential you arrange to install some form or other of retail traffic counters.

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